Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Break-Up

Dear Blog,

We’ve had some really good times together- good laughs, great pictures and touching memories. I’ve shared with you my successes and my sorrows. You’ve always been there for me- patiently waiting for me to upload my latest pictures.

But something has been missing.

I log on to you and I just stare. My mind goes blank. My creativity vanishes. I’m not blaming you- I just don’t feel like we bring out the best in each other. I have hardly acknowledged you in the last year! You deserve more than that.

You should know that I have found a fresh, new (and what I believe to be a more savvy) blog-hosting website that has more space (3 gigabytes), protects me from comment spam, provides a comprehensive statistics report daily, automatic updates and more. And frankly, I just like it more.

This new blog allows me to be more true to myself- it doesn’t carry the same expectations that you did. I feel free again.

So with a heavy heart, I say it’s time to go our separate ways.

I know it’s cliché, but I will always hold a special place for you in my heart. After all, you were my first.

With the fondest of feelings,


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update - Sweet & Short!

Wow, it has been soooo long since I have updated. I will try to review the entire last year...

- I had my first kiss in a couple years ;)
- Carter's hair started to grow back
- I went to my first University of Utah Football game in Fall '09 (I now bleed red)
- I visited St. George for the first time for a friend's wedding
- I wore 4 different Halloween costumes for Halloween '09
- Carter got brand new skis for Christmas '09
- Carter turned 5 years old
- I lost weight and gained a love for the gym
- I fell in love with my personal trainer and he became my boyfriend
- I moved to downtown SLC in my friends' Emily and Beau's basement apartment
- I trained my body to run for longer than 1 minute (I have ran up to 45 minutes)
- I went to Moab to camp with my boyfriend Jay
- I soaked up sun on the back patio with Carter, Emily and Arden
- Carter started all-day Kindergarten
- I quit my job so I could have the freedom to create the life I desire
- I got a new personal trainer (Nina in North Carolina)
- We got a cat named Georgie
- I volunteer twice a week at Carter's school
- I started a new blog for everything "me" called
- I am still in love with my former personal trainer <3

That about chalks it up. I promise ya'll I will be much more diligent in my blogging! Cheers!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sneak Peek!

I spent almost my entire weekend on this project. One that's long overdue. Here is a Sneak Peek into my newly, re-vamped place of serenity...

I have a couple more details to take care of, and then I will post some more "complete" pictures!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Gorgeous, beautiful, dazzling, exquisite, stunning, glorious, ravishing, elegant? Ya think?

Go to my photography blog, to indulge in more. Seriously, I am in love.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Family

Hello again!

I have to just share quickly how much I love and appreciate my family. Andrea, Jayson, Brandon, Nancy, Javier, Makayla, Mom, Michael, Dad, RaeAnn, Angie, Darin, Jordan, Mckenzie, Lyndi, Brady, Kyle, Ethan and of course Carter. My family is the best! We are all like pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together. Everyone contributes their own "flair" and I love each and every one of them. I laugh and laugh and laugh when I am with my family. We all have the same, very unique sense of humor. My very best moments are spent with my family. I love all of you!

Another Bird Story...

For some unknown reason, we have a lot of unfortunate events with birds around here. A bird flew into my parked car and died. There was the story of the deceased bird in our driveway (see that story a couple posts back) and then there is the story of the baby birthday bird. I will delight all of you with that story now. Actually, it was very tragic, so if you are sensitive when it comes to animals (Andrea), please read no more.

On June 7th, 2009, I turned the ripe 'ol age of 25. The birthday festivities were the best yet, beginning with a 90-minute hot stone massage and a apple pie caramel apple. I taught a lesson at church that went well and I gave googly eyes to the secret crush at church. My friends Doug and Laura brought me a birthday cake and I was preparing to head over to Mom's for a multi-birthday feast with my family.

Five minutes after Doug and Laura left me with my delicious cake, I heard a knock on the door. I answered it and it was Laura with her hands cupped together. She says, "Look what I found?" She opens her hands and there is a teency, tiny bird. Really tiny. It had to have just hatched, it was that small. She saw this tiny bird in the gutter next to two others which were dead. She went on to tell me that she would take it home and care for it but she had 2 cats at home so she asked me to take it. Of course, I could not say no. I have a very, very soft spot in my heart when it comes to animals. So I found a tiny box, made a make-shift home and headed over to Mom's. Andrea was there (she is also an animal-lover) and she supported me in trying to nurse this baby bird back to health. She went online and found out how to provide emergency care for a baby bird. We fed it a water and sugar mixture using a tiny dropper. After a couple hours of this, it started to perk up and was not nearly as lethargic. I was diligent in feeding it every half-hour. I spent the whole rest of my birthday night nursing this bird back to health. The online instructions indicated that it was not necessary to feed the bird at night. We went to bed and I was thrilled that the bird was becoming more and more active. I woke up in the morning and the bird had made it! I prepared its meal (egg yolk and baby oatmeal cereal mixed with water) and went to feed it. Again, it was so lethargic it could barely hold its head. I went to get a warm cloth to clean the food off its feathers, and when I got back to the bird, it had passed away. I instantly started to cry uncontrollably for at least 10 minutes. I was so disappointed. I went and woke Carter up and he helped me fill the bird's box with shredded paper. We sealed it up with tape and took it to the garbage can. Carter told me in a very optimistic tone, "Don't cry Mom. He is in heaven with Jesus. And Sneakers. And Pookie". And so he was.

Summer Update

Ok, so I have to admit that I have been a little distracted the last couple months and therefore, lax on my blogging. This summer has been a lot busier than that of 2008. Definitely more work; less play. So here is my summer update:


Carter goes to school Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. He really likes school and he loves to be around other kids. He especially enjoys Fridays at school because it is Water Day! He loves to swim! He can write CARTER, MOM, CARROT and CARLY all by himself. He likes to watch Hannah Montana (Yeah, I know) and also likes to kick his soccer ball around. He loves cats; especially Bella, Zoe, Winnie, Chloe, Jack, Emerson and Luna. Carter enjoys spending time with his Grammy and Grandpa and his Nana and Papa. He did get to spend the 24th of July up at his Grammy and Grandpa's cabin. He had many adventures and he even caught his first fish! Oh and the most important news of all... Carter's hair has almost completely grown back out! I know many will be relieved to hear this good news. Carter is a happy, loving and well-behaved child. He brings so much light and joy into my life.


I have been working full-time at SkinCareRX for the last month. It has been hectic, but I think I have done pretty well. Anyone that knows me, knows I have never been a morning person. Ever. Thanks to my new full-time schedule, I am an EARLY BIRD! It has been fantastic! Waking up at 5:00am and going to bed at 10:00pm- its a life I have never known! I have been extremely busy at the gym. First time in my life actually and I have loved it! I have had some physical results, but more importantly, my health and well-being has improved so much. I have ventured out a little more on the singles scene. It has been quite the adventure and I am sure will continue to be. I have not had a vacation and it will be a while before I do... fingers crossed for Japan in the Fall of 2010. I have started dancing again on my own. Just turn on music and dance. It is something that I haven't done for years and its been wonderful to get in touch with that part of me again. I love to take photographs. I did an engagement session for one of my BFF's, Joanie. To check out those, go to . I will be taking her bridals this weekend also. So, a very busy summer!

I only had 2 pictures of just me; this one or one of me dancing in the night... in my swimsuit. I opted for this one.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

R.I.P. Little Bird

I just have to share this story from yesterday:

Carter and I went out to get the mail from the mailbox. On our way there, we found (to our dismay) a "little bird" dead in our driveway. Carter thought we had run over it on our way into the driveway earlier and began to go into a state of panic. I assured him over and over again that we had not run it over, and he started to calm. And then he started to cry. I know I am his mother, and therefore, I think he is the most amazing child, but really, he is the most sensitive and compassionate little boy I have ever seen.

Then he wondered how he went to heaven if his 'lil bird body was lying in our driveway. I tried (my very best) to explain to him The Ressurection and The Plan of Salvation. Not an easy task to convey this incredible plan to a 4-year old. As we talked about it, he began to brighten and you could see the gloom leave his face. We went in the house and found the best box we could find (a Nordstrom box) and we carefully shoveled it up and put it in the box. We went to the garbage can, said a few words, and dropped the bird in the can.

I don't think Carter has thought about this event again. But, I keep thinking how grateful I am to have such a sweet, tender-hearted Carter in my life. Little experiences like this everyday make me realize he is a special spirit destined for great things in this world. And how lucky am I to be able to (hopefully) help shape and mold him into that incredible person who will, I am sure, contribute so much to society.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine... 2nd Year Running

We had a great Valentine's Day this year. Our day went as follows:

9:00am-12:00pm: Cleaned our house. Yes, Carter does his part in cleaning. As you can see already, he was a great Valentine.

1:00-4:00pm: Went to movie theatre to play at the Arcade. We easily spent an hour in there. We did finally go see a movie. Coraline. Incredibly creepy. I don't recommend it at all.

5:00-6:00pm: Our initial plan was to get fancied up and go out to dinner. But Carter was tired and I didn't want to drive out on the cold, wet roads. So... Plan B. I would make a homemade, "special" dinner. Carter requested none else then good 'ol Mac 'n Cheese. The was the last thing in the world I wanted. So, I would compromise. I found a recipe online for a gourmet Mac 'n Cheese and I was on board! We went shopping at the fantastic Harmon's in Fort Union (Really, this place is incredible. A whole entire section devoted to CHEESE in every variety you can imagine). I was also going to pick up some flowers but Carter insisted on balloons. Balloons it was.

6:00-7:00pm: Prepared dinner together. Carter is a great Sous Chef in addition to being a great Valentine. We also set the table with a bouquet of balloons for each of us, plastic champagne glasses and courtesy of Carter- Heart Art hung on the wall. We dressed up in our best Pj's and sipped sparkling cider.

7:00-8:00pm: Enjoyed dinner together and topped it off with Ben and Jerry's ice cream; Half-Baked (lowfat) for me and Phish Food for Carter.

8:00-unknown time: Snuggled on the couch watching movies and dozed off together next to the fire.

A perfect Valentine's Day with my perfect Valentine.

Puzzle Mania!!

Carter and I have discovered a past time we enjoy doing together. We have done about 3 puzzles since last Tuesday. Carter is actually quite good. He was able to find where certain pieces went that I gave up on.

It usually starts like this.

And ends like this.